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How does it work?

In our Community, we dive into the subtleties of AAI with different animals, we discuss, we support each other on the way to best possible knowledge and practice. We are happy to see our members grow and improve!

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The community is open to anyone who wants to learn more, whether you are brand new in the field or have worked with DAI for several years

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  • access to the community website with news feed and profiles of other AAI passionates
  • possibility to read blogs written by experts in the field
  • access to specialized discussion groups that allow you to learn even more
  • monthly webinars with experts
  • discounts on ICOFA courses and events
  • invitation for international training camp

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We teach AAI and support human-animal teams on their way to success!

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I am a professional AAI instructor. The community gives me inspiration, support and motivation in my everyday work!
Magdalena Nawarecka - Piątek
This is my virtual home and place to find other professionals in the field! Fantastic opportunity for networking.

With ICofA I can share my knowledge and meet friends from all over the world. This is the place like no other.
Line Sandstedt